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by Tie breaker
Rothsay is #8 and CGB is #7 due to section record.
by bsubeaver
The 2 and 3 seeds will be decided by COIN FLIP.
Well, at least we know the top half of the bracket right now:

#8 Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley at #1Hancock
#5 Bertha-Hewitt at #4 Wheaton/Herman-Norcross

And the bottom bracket:

#6 Ortonville or #7 Rothsay at #2/#3 Verndale or #2/#3 Brandon-Evansville

by DrakesForever
Sec Quarterfinal Game Picks:
3 Blackduck - Wins by 15
2 Fertile-Beltrami - Wins by 47
7 Clearbrook-Gonvick
5 Park Christian
4 Nevis - Wins by 8
1 Win-E-Mac - Wins by 58
8 Laporte
The 2 and 3 seeds will be decided by COIN FLIP.
by wally
Coach Mahlen has had some good teams over the years but his '97 state champion team was very impressive. Congrats.

Sec 1 has been historically tough and this year is no exception but it's more balanced throughout. SG graduated a ton of talent but they are playing tough and are dangerous. Start of the year most people probably had L-O as a 4-5 seed going into sections but they've played tough to earn the 1 seed. Southlands 2 close loses could have easily gone the other way but most likely they'll be a very tough 4 seed. Seems GM physical play isn't what it used to be but there making some of that up with finesse/speed.

MLA really stands out and the team to beat. RCW and Hancock are also interesting teams to follow heading into playoffs. Good Luck to all