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by Larry
What are the predictions for section 7  4 A?




North Branch


Chisago Lakes
by MNFootball10
Any early predictions on how this section will play out?
by Daniel
Aug 15, 2019 12:09:06 GMT -6 section1football said:
I'll take my chances with Caledonia winning comfortably all year long. I think they pretty much have everybody back this year as well

I think Caledonia only have one returning starter on defense. (Noah King)
I know they can reload, but they lost a lot.
by shorty
In Section 3AA, Redwood Valley and Pipestone both graduated some key players. But, both squads have good depth and a winning tradition, so they certainly look like the pre-season favorites. also worth noting that Section 3 is down to 6 teams, so the #1 and #2 seeds get 1st-round byes and only have to win 2 games to win the Section.
by shorty
My understanding of the transfer rule is that at least one parent has to establish a change of address to move into the new district. Then it can be a transfer and not an open-enrollment. As I understand it, if the family moves, the kid does not have to sit out.

But, you always hear stories. There was a case a few years ago (this is second-hand) where the parents claimed they were separated, and one parent moved to a new district and the kid came along. after the kid graduated, the parents reconciled and moved back in together. I had a coach from another school tell me flat-out that it was a scam the parents cooked up so the kid could play for a "better" program. I don't know. could just be sour grapes. But never underestimate the lengths some parents will go to in order to further their kids' athletic careers.